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Hiring a moving company is a big deal and the decision on who to hire is not an easy one. You have to be able to trust your moving company with all of your most valuable possessions. Arm yourself with some basic information about how moving companies work. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about how moving companies charge and how the estimates work to get you started on the process.


  • How do movers charge?

    Specifics vary state to state. Local moving services are generally charged on an hourly basis and long distance moves and interstate moves are calculated using a combination of the weight of the items to be moved and the distance their being transported. The state of Alabama has determined that any move that crosses a police jurisdiction is considered a long distance move.

  • How do movers know what needs to be moved?

    In order for an estimate to be generated an inventory must be completed of the items you would like to be moved. This inventory is typically referred to as a survey in the moving industry. This involves the creation of a detailed record of items to be moved from your home. The list is comprehensive and includes all furniture, appliances and estimated number of boxes.

  • Who completes the inventory of the items to be moved?

    It is recommended that this inventory/survey be completed by the moving company.

  • Do all moving companies complete the survey?

    In certain instances movers may not perform an in home survey due to location or size of home. You can receive an hourly rate and an estimate of how much time will be needed to move your household goods based on size of home, distance, etc.

  • What if the moving company does not perform an in home survey?

    If this is the case you will need to inventory your household belongings and provide info to the mover. It is recommended and in your best interest to ensure that this is done as accurately as possible to ensure an accurate quote from the mover. Be sure to include garage basements, attics and other storage spaces.

  • Are movers bound to the estimate that they have provided?

    This depends on the type of estimate given. You can request a "not to exceed" amount during your in-home survey. Interstate and long-distance moves are based on weight and are regulated by state and federal Departments of Transportation. An estimate of weight can be provided, but the final price will be based on the exact weight of household goods.

  • What if I need moving and storage?

    First Klass Movers works with many self-storage facilities and can arrange for your household goods to be secured in the facility of your choice.

  • Wish you had a moving guide to set things straight?

    No worries, we've got a moving guide to get you through even the toughest of moves. There are lots of things to consider when moving — packing, transport options, switching utilities, changing addresses and travel planning — just to name a few. Use our free moving guide below to keep your move organized, cost efficient and situation-free.

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